Gratitude Magic Food

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Thank you to the following amazing spirits that put their own touches of magic into the magic world.

Yayyy, Communities rule! Thank you to the communities for providing space, materials and amazing vibes!



Thanks, Art Patrons!!! Wohooo! Because of you, we got to let artist manifest and be themselves!



Leon de Luz

David Garcia

Tim Loh

Erian Baxter

Gary Lachance



Pajara Nohpali


Magic Photographers/Creatives who were able to capture magic energy, Thank you!


Eduardo Osorio, “Ozo” - Photographer

Lawrence Stewart - Photographer

Steveo Valdez - Photographer

Bola Omodara - Photographer

Tim Loh - Photographer

Ana Brenda Anaya - Hair Stylist

Álvaro Eid - Makeup Artist



Thank you Evan and Jackson for making this beautiful site :)




Thank you Olivia for hand carving the Manifestation Scepter



Thank you, beautiful Artists who touched the music videos AKA magic spells:

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